10 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive this Summer

It’s July, and up in the northern hemisphere it’s the peak of warm, gorgeous summer weather. How do you make sure that your employees remain engaged, productive, and happy employees at the office, when there are so many fun summer things to do? We’ve got a couple suggestions to help you do just that. 


8 Tips for Employee Vacation Requests that Keep Your Employees Happy

1.  Create and maintain written vacation policies and procedures.

It's essential to make sure your employee vacation policy describes how vacation accrues, when and howvacation time may be taken, and how disputes over peak days like holidays or school breaks will be handled.


Keeping up with -- The Employee

Today's guest blogger is Janis Strathearn, a Network Search Consultant with JKS Talent.

9 Creative Interview Questions for Hiring Successful, Happy Employees

Everyone knows that it is expensive to hire and train new employees – both in economic and loss-of-productivity metrics. After you’ve found candidates with the right qualifications, how do you figure out if they’re a good fit for your company? Peppering your traditional interview questions with some more creative questions, like these, is a way to get a more well-rounded sense of a candidate’s personality and work style.


Cloud HCM & Payroll Systems -- as Mobile as You Are!

Fifty years ago, you went to work, looked at a posted schedule, punched a card into a time clock system, turned your card into payroll at the end of the pay period and collected a paycheck in hand a few days later. Fifteen years ago, you checked your schedule online, went to work, clocked in on your company’s main computer time clock software, checked a separate computer system for your payroll data, and had your paycheck deposited into your bank account. That’s pretty good progress – but what if you could do all those things from your smartphone?


What to do over summer break: happy kids, happy employees

It’s almost summer! For kids, that means, the joys of summer break. For working parents, that means the pain of figuring out where to send your kids while you're at work and they're not in school. You want it to be fun…interesting…educational…safe…reliable…and affordable. Think that's impossible? Don't worry -- you’ve got options!


Unhappy employees? 3 wrong ways to handle conflict (and 1 right way)

Does your workplace have healthy communication? Particularly when it comes to disagreements? Every workplace is going to experience conflict – whether about what kind of birthday cake to get the HR manager (always go half chocolate/half vanilla!), what kind of new desk chairs to purchase, or how to accommodate budget shortfalls.


What’s the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement?


If you live in a country that borders the Pacific Ocean, the Trans-Pacific Partnership may affect you, either personally or through its effects on your country’s economy and trade culture.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a trade agreement being negotiated among countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Its goal is to create new rules for trade between the countries and increase commerce and prosperity.


Enforcing a Dress Code without Inciting HR Disasters

As the weather warms up, and employees wear fewer sweaters and more sundresses, dress code complaints to HR skyrocket. Are you confused by what an employer can and can’t require in a dress code? You’re not alone!


3 Easy Steps Towards Happy Employees & Better Company Culture

A thriving organization has employees who are invested in and fulfilled by their work. Fostering a positive attitude in the workplace, being a strong and innovative leader, and guiding your business towards good short and long term goals are all necessary strategies to develop and maintain a great overall company environment.

But how can you make your employees more satisfied, on a day-to-day basis? What differentiates companies with high turnover and miserable employees from companies with decades-long employee loyalty? Here's some tips to help make and keep your employees happy.


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