"Superpower" Your Payroll System


Payroll is one of those areas that you really don’t want to mess with.  

Everyone knows, you mess with people’s pay and things can get dicey, but sometimes mistakes happen.  A lot of times it's due to using a system that is outdated or multiple systems that have a hard time talking to each other.




Superpower Your Payroll with StarGarden’s “Industrial Strength” Suite of Payroll Products

StarGarden knows how important payroll is to maintaining a happy and satisfied workforce.  That’s why our Payroll module addresses many of the challenges faced in today’s organizations.  It can handle US and international payroll requirements, as well as retro pays, year-end tax documents and records of employment. 

Streamline the process of collecting, reviewing, and approving timesheet data with online self-service options delivered through a personalized web portal. Automated payroll processing helps eliminate many routine transactions, freeing staff to focus on more strategic priorities.

Some additional features include:

  • The ability to handle multiple payroll frequencies (weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc)
  • Detailed transactions available for as long as required
  • Ease of setting up employee records
  • Ability to manage time and attendance
  • Schedules and shift differentials all trackable and flagged in system to translate to payroll module
  • Government and tax related reporting

What does all this mean to you?

  • Easily comply with government requirements reducing stress associated with reporting requirements.
  • Have the tools and systems necessary to put payroll information into the hands of managers and workers, wherever they are, allowing for better service to employees when questions arise.
  • Simpler, more efficient processes across every area of your business.
  • Save time, money and headaches managing and running payroll with an automated system in place.

If you’re feeling bogged down by the day-to-day requirements of payroll, chances are you have a system that isn’t supporting your efforts.  There is a better way.  StarGarden’s payroll module can be combined with many other modules to create a robust suite of products to support all your HR and Payroll initiatives and needs. 

In addition, our Foundation product brings your business processes to life, allowing tasks to flow to the correct people within your organization at the correct time, carrying all the necessary tools and documents along the way.  Click here to learn more about how one Hospital HR department saved over $100,000 by automating one process alone!

Contact us today and let one of our expert team members learn more about your needs.  We are here to help.