The Best Business Process Management Infographic You Will Ever Read !

Everyone talks about business process management a lot but understanding it requires in-depth analysis and research.

From our 30+ years of experience in HR business process automation we have put together THE Best Business Process Management Infographic that you will ever read. Filled with concrete examples and a checklist of how to do it yourself, it is the only guide you will need to start implementing it in your organization.


Where have our weekends gone?

Remote access, email, cell phones and other modern technological conveniences can enhance the workplace. They can enable employees to have a great deal of freedom and flexibility, allowing them to work flexible schedules from the locations of their choosing.


Do You Need A CDO ?

There seems to be a never ending stream of news about data security and compliance issues. Most recently, we saw two stories: one about Apple and its refusal to decrypt the San Bernandino shooter’s phone, and the other about Zenefits’ CEO stepping down due to compliance issues.


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