Why Talent is a CEO’s Top Concern

When I speak with other CEOs, our conversation is bound to move towards our struggles finding and retaining talent. The technology industry can be particularly challenging and when you combine that with the fact that we are headquartered in one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in,


How Can I Make Our IT Project Implementation Successful?

Any IT project undertaken by an organization should be considered as part of an overall strategic business vision for growth and improvement. Improvements to enterprise IT solutions can help streamline disconnected systems and make your business more efficient and successful.


The Hard Part of Hiring: Rejection Letters

If you’re in a desirable industry or tight job market, you may find that you are swamped with applicants for any position you open for hiring. In addition to figuring out who will be the most successful candidate, and extending an offer, you will also need to communicate with many ultimately unsuccessful candidates. How you reject these applicants can be an opportunity to enhance your company’s goodwill and reputation.


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