HR's Role in Local Government Cyber Security

Local and county governments are entrusted with many types of personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) and other sensitive data such as births, deaths, social security/social insurance numbers, property tax, deeds and medical records. 

As keepers of such valuable information local governments need to ensure that security measures are in place to protect constituents' data from cyber attack. Here's how HR departments in local government can play an active role in reducing cyber security risks.


24 Security Questions That Every HRIS Buyer should ask

Security is on everyone’s mind today. No longer is security an IT responsibility alone. All areas of the organization need to be cognizant of security threats. HR can play an important role in securing data by educating employees about their vulnerabilities but also by making sure that whatever software tools HR uses are secure.


HR Lessons from the Biggest Security Breaches

We are only half way through 2017 and we have already seen some big cyber security breaches. Ransomware attacks crippled some businesses and suspicions of election hacks and cyber interference still dominate the news. With businesses relying on data more than ever, ransomware attacks such as the one that occurred at Renault, can have huge implications for day-to-day operations. Data protection is top of mind for everyone and businesses are spending lots of time and money to reduce the occurrences of data breaches.


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