Three ways you can tell that your HRIS implementation project has been a success

You’ve implemented a new HRIS but was that implementation successful? And how to measure that success? The system may be functioning perfectly and yet be an utter failure.

It’s tempting to go the ‘gut instinct’ route. After all, everything’s working, the sky hasn’t fallen, and it ‘feels’ like a successful conclusion to months of work.


Evaluating processes for automation while still keeping the Human in HR

Businesses around the world are facing an interesting challenge – they want to provide the latest engaging technology tools to their employees to improve productivity, but they need to ensure that they are using the right tools for their organization so they can automate repetitive tasks and create streamlined workflows without increasing their technical and administration costs.


HRIS Systems – How to Avoid Failed Implementations

The phone rings, I take the call, it’s not pleasant and it happens more than you’d think. I’m referring to prospective clients that are deep into, or have completed an HRIS implementation before they realize that the software will not do the job. They have spent good money, still have their needs unmet, and are exhausted by the failed process.


Preparing for the Implementation of a New Payroll/HRIS System

After having worked with many clients on the implementation of StarGarden I have observed one common theme over and over again. No matter the type of industry or the size of the organization, many clients were just not prepared for a full scale Payroll/HRIS implementation. I thought that it might be helpful to provide some tips on getting ready for your implementation:


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