Employee Well-Being and Work Life Balance: What it Really Means?

Work-life balance, what does it mean? Employers are trying to provide it as a retention tool and employees seem to be always seeking it. Employees often look for new jobs citing better work-life balance as the primary reason for the search.


When to Work and How to be More Productive in Today’s Digitally Connected World

Productivity, in simple economic terms, is the output derived from a particular unit of time. Being able to do more means you don’t have to work overtime and you can stay on top of your work.


Why Interoperability Matters Beyond Healthcare

When you hear the word interoperability, you probably most commonly associate it with healthcare. In fact, when you google interoperability, it quotes healthcare’s definition – ‘the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate,


Telecommuting Makes Snow Days Fun Again

Winter weather frequently causes employees to miss work, whether because of impassable roads, school closures, or illness. These absences increase stress for workers and cost businesses revenue.


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