Working From Home-Not Just For Snow Days Anymore

At this time of year, we used to talk about remote work as an option to avoid weather events but 2020 has changed all that. Many of us are working full time at home now and many of us may be getting tired of it. So here's a reminder that remote work can be a good thing.


Employee Well-Being and Work Life Balance: What it Really Means in a Pandemic World.

We have all struggled with the definition of work-life balance. And now more than ever, we struggle with separating our work and home lives. The pandemic has forced more employees to work from home and although many welcome the added flexibility, many are struggling to find balance between work and home life.

Pre-pandemic, employers were increasingly trying to provide work-at-home options as retention tools, and employees often looked for new jobs citing better work-life balance as the primary reason for the search. Although employees welcome this new flexibility, we have to recognize that working from home has its own set of challenges.


Telecommuting Makes Snow Days Fun Again

Winter weather frequently causes employees to miss work, whether because of impassable roads, school closures, or illness. These absences increase stress for workers and cost businesses revenue.


How HCM Rules Can Help You Take a REAL Vacation

Think back to your last vacation. How many times did you check your email? Your voicemail? How many times did your coworkers reach out to you in desperation for information or access that only you had?


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