4 Steps to Foster Stronger Relationships in Your Company



A large business is like a machine with many moving parts. In order for it to run smoothly, its components must work together for a common purpose.  A company runs best when employers, managers, and employees can effectively collaborate, communicate, and contribute their various talents to its success. Attention to a few aspects of how your team works together can help you ensure that all members feel valued and invested in its purpose.

1. Promote collaboration.

Working with other members of a team solidifies a sense of membership and can enhance productivity. A high level of interaction within the organization and incentive to support the work of others nurtures a feeling of belonging and value in all involved. Feeling valued for one’s work tends to encourage greater productivity, and multiple minds applied to a project or problem can create crucible for creativity and innovation. [Tweet this!]

2. Facilitate communication.

Beyond collaboration on specific tasks, disparate members of your organization should have a way of effectively sharing information.  A study published in Management Communication Quarterly[1] concluded that employees who are well-informed about the organization and feel involved in decision making tend to be more committed.

3. Convey your company’s mission and philosophy.

People are not inspired by tasks; they are inspired by having a purpose. Communicating your company’s mission and philosophy to all levels and sectors of your organization creates a sense of common purpose and a set of ideals to which all members can aspire, regardless of their particular roles.  For example, a hospital employee may be tasked with changing patients’ sheets, but the purpose of the task is to maintain a clean and safe environment in which to provide exceptional patient care.  The latter perspective is much more likely to spark a sense of pride in one’s work and a feeling of being part of something much greater than doing the laundry.

4. Be responsive to your team members.

It isn’t enough to provide a way for employees to communicate information to bosses; employees need to know that they are being heard and that the information they share is appropriately considered in the decision-making process.  As such, it is important to have a way to regularly provide feedback to employees about the contributions they are making.

Fostering strong relationships within a large organization presents a special challenge that the application of the right technology can help you meet. Employees, for example, will be empowered by the ability to easily report information that is pertinent to company decisions, such as productivity, department expenditures, or project details, to their bosses.  The right human resources software can enable employees to access and communicate the information necessary to be involved, committed, and working in concert toward your common purpose.

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[1] Trombetta, J. J., & Rogers, D. P. (1988). Communication Climate, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment: The Effects of Information Adequacy, Communication Openness, and Decision Participation. Management Communication Quarterly, 1(4), 494-514.