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About the Author: Marnie Larson is the CEO of StarGarden Corporation and oversees its operations in Canada, US and New Zealand. She has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry and specializes in HCM, business process automation and workflow technology. Follow Marnie on Twitter: @mblarson
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Benefits of Integrated Payroll & HR for Municipal Governments

After reviewing your current HR and payroll systems, are you thinking about implementing an integrated scheduling and payroll system, but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the time and money? An integrated system offers many significant benefits.


HR's Role in Local Government Cyber Security

Local and county governments are entrusted with many types of personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) and other sensitive data such as births, deaths, social security/social insurance numbers, property tax, deeds and medical records. 

As keepers of such valuable information local governments need to ensure that security measures are in place to protect constituents' data from cyber attack. Here's how HR departments in local government can play an active role in reducing cyber security risks.


8 Considerations When Choosing an HCM

Is it time to buy an HCM solution or replace your aging HCM? For most organizations it starts with recognizing issues with the existing way of work.


6 Ways Employee Self Service Can Streamline HR in Municipal Government

One of the common reasons why municipalities switch to HR technology is to allow employees to view, validate and update their own information on a web portal. Many municipalities provide self-service to employees for benefit selection, viewing policies, and accessing training programs and information.


Municipalities Leverage HR Data to Counter Downward Budget Pressures

Research shows that organizations who use HR data in making management decisions report 26% higher revenue per employee than organizations that do not use HR data. And while this data is taken from the private sector, public sector organizations can also use the same strategies to fight downward pressures and to do more with fewer resources.


Employee Termination Challenges in a Municipal Environment

Let's face it: Municipalities face unique issues and challenges when it comes to terminating employees compared to their counterparts in the private sector.  Firing an employee the "right" way is imperative.

Read on to get our quick 8-point checklist for employee termination and download our complimentary ebook "Employee Termination" to ease the termination process and reduce risk.


Everyone Benefits When Employees Volunteer

Around the holidays, many people feel an increased sense of community involvement and generosity. Encouraging your employees to volunteer as part of a company-wide initiative builds not only engagement with the outside community, but improves your corporate culture and benefits your business in multiple ways. 


End of the Year HR Goal: Improve Employee Engagement

The end of the year can be a hectic swarm of paperwork, reporting, reviews, healthcare renewals, licensing, and other HR nightmares. Even worse, January is just around the corner. Do you dread the number of resignation letters that crawl across your desk as the new year begins? Combatting this yearly phenomenon requires you to make a commitment to employee engagement: making your workplace one where employees feel valued, challenged, and committed to their jobs.


Dos and Don’ts of Office Gift Exchanges

Whether you love or loathe holiday gift exchanges, they are popular in many companies. As an HR professional, here’s a couple ways you can make sure everyone has a great seasonal experience while minimizing disappointments, hurt feelings and HR complaints. 


How to Use Releases When Terminating Employees

If you’re the one responsible for terminating employees, you probably worry about the potential for litigation. What if your employee sues you? How long does he have to sue you? Would you have any kind of insurance or other protection? 


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