Benefits of Integrated Payroll & HR for Municipal Governments

After reviewing your current HR and payroll systems, are you thinking about implementing an integrated scheduling and payroll system, but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the time and money? An integrated system offers many significant benefits.

Integrated Payroll & HR system


Benefits of an Integrated Payroll & HR System

  • You can eliminate double-entry and capture detailed time transactions at source in real time, allowing for analysis of time and cost on a minute-by-minute basis. This also ensures that each time entry is allocated to a specific worker, to make sure that the right jurisdictional rules are applied to each employee and group.
  • By putting the time entry in the hands of employees and/or supervisors, you greatly reduce corrections by collecting data at the source.
  • If you use schedules that directly link to payroll, you can simply change the schedule and have that pass directly to payroll for processing. Employees only enter what is different than their standard schedule; they only enter the exceptions.
Worried about the cost or difficulty of implementation?

Most likely, you don’t need a whole new financial system -- you probably just need to augment the one you have. The right HR/Payroll system will keep current with the payroll, tax and labor rules in the countries where you have projects or employees, as well as any private labor contracts or CBAs, and also includes scheduling, budgeting, and tracking. An integrated system will save both time and money!

 ROI for HR System

An integrated system allows you to:

1. Access detailed information to assist in budgeting and planning. You will be able to drill down and dissect overtime and sick time, make sure everyone is working in compliance with their local rules and regulations (essential with a cross-border workforce), and better understand resource utilization to increase efficiency.

2. Manage the skills of your workforce and thereby mitigate the risk of not having the right people on the job at the right time.

3. Reduce the amount of data entry and continuing education on cross-border workforce staffing requirements which the payroll staff must do, freeing them for more analysis-type tasks.

4. See the schedule patterns and resource requirements more easily. This will help you with your workforce planning and will also allow you to be more creative with your schedules to accommodate worker needs and requests.

5. Have a happier, more satisfied workforce. Employees will be able to view and update their own schedules. Processes will be transparent and accountability will shift to where it the source.

6. Gain insights for decision-making as trend analysis and forecasting reports will be easier to produce.

7. Hold managers accountable with incentives and compensation, which can improve supervisors’ ability to effectively manage their workforce.

We can implement and manage an integrated scheduling and payroll system to help you more accurately track payroll costs and ensure complete compliance with union contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and jurisdictional labor and tax requirements. An integrated system can take a huge burden off your HR and payroll department in managing the needs and requirements of your work force.

Check out the ROI of StarGarden's integrated payroll and HR solution, or contact us today to talk about how we can help you optimize your scheduling, simplify your payroll, and improve your business with an integrated system.