Working From Home-Not Just For Snow Days Anymore

At this time of year, we used to talk about remote work as an option to avoid weather events but 2020 has changed all that. Many of us are working full time at home now and many of us may be getting tired of it. So here's a reminder that remote work can be a good thing.


Do you Need an HR Policy for Employees’ Video Game Habits at Work?

Recently, the internet has been bombarded with Pokémon Go memes. Some hilarious, others less so. One that really caught my eye was where a distraught manager posted this notice.


How to tell the Difference between an Engaged and Disengaged Employee

Each year, companies are spending $3 Billion on employee engagement [1], which has been a strategic initiative of many organizations for quite some time.


4 Reasons Why Millennials Quit – and How to Fix Them

Everyone knows today’s workplace is incredibly different than the former generation of corporate life. Far from retiring with the same company they went to work for decades earlier, the individuals entering the workforce now will likely have dozens of jobs over their lifetimes – possibly in radically different fields.


Telecommuting Makes Snow Days Fun Again

Winter weather frequently causes employees to miss work, whether because of impassable roads, school closures, or illness. These absences increase stress for workers and cost businesses revenue.


How HCM Rules Can Help You Take a REAL Vacation

Think back to your last vacation. How many times did you check your email? Your voicemail? How many times did your coworkers reach out to you in desperation for information or access that only you had?


5 HR Resolutions to Make 2016 Easier and More Efficient

As the economy rebounds, many organizations are growing by leaps and bounds. If 2015 was a growth year for your company – or if you’re planning to grow in 2016 – the expansion may have you feeling disorganized.


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