5 Creative Approaches for More Effective Training

If you’re hiring for the holidays, because your business is growing, or to replace departing employees, you know that hiring is just the first step. After you’ve found great additions to your team, you have to figure out what information you need to communicate to them to successfully integrate them into your company and community.


Are you making “frupid” mistakes with your HCM?

In tight economic times, it can be tempting to trim costs and expenses in any way possible. But making decisions that look good initially can backfire and cost your company much more in the long run – the proverbial “penny wise and pound foolish” philosophy. A more amusing term for this is “frupid”: frugal, but stupid.


Should you use personality tests when hiring?

Hiring is expensive, time consuming, and difficult. Every company wants to hire people who fit in to the corporate culture, contribute to the company’s growth and prosperity, and become happy employees (who stay with the organization).


4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring is indisputably difficult, time-consuming, and costly. It generally costs much more to hire and train a new employee rather than retain an existing employee, and there’s always a significant risk that the employee won’t work out – won’t perform well, won’t like the environment, or won’t be a good fit with your existing team.


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