Challenges and Opportunities Facing Municipal Governments

Local and municipal governments face unique challenges that includes not only meeting the basic needs of citizens, but also improving their overall experience when dealing with local government – both online and in-person. 

And while technology can assist in improving interactions between citizens and governments, all levels of government administration are today challenged with trying to operate with severe budget restrictions.

Solutions for Municipal Government

Administrators, finance, HR and IT departments are tasked with educating themselves about technologies that can increase efficiency and accuracy, and finding affordable solutions for municipal government that work in this unique environment.

From the ROI of integrated payroll and HR solutions, leveraging HR data, citizen and employee self-serve solutions, to cyber security and identity management, StarGarden can help local governments gain efficiencies and serve citizens more effectively.

Benefits of Integrated Payroll and HR

Countering Downward Budget Pressures

Employee Termination

Self Serve and Employee Engagement

Cyber Security

Identity Verification and Fraud



Identity Verification in Municipal Government

I always tell my clients that I have four letters stenciled across my forehead “R I S K”.

When someone applies for a job in your enterprise or, appears at a counter wanting to be served or, is wanting to deal with you electronically, verifying their identity should be based on risk. Let’s use Jane Doe as an example.


Changing the Identity Paradigm to Prevent Identity Fraud

Our guest blogger today is Guy Huntington. Guy is an expert identity architect and has worked on a large number of high profile identity fraud and identity management programs including Government of Alberta’s Digital Citizen Identity and Authentication Program.


How Identity Management Impacts HR’s Goals in the Organization

Where we work and the way we work have undergone drastic changes in the last few years. We no longer have to be in office to access organizational information or be dependent on physical office devices thanks to the cloud and easy access through our phones.


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