30 Reasons Organizations Switch to an Integrated HRIS solution

In this day and age, there are hardly any organizations that do not have an HR system in place. Maybe they are only using Excel and Access for performance, Word for policies, Manual for call-ins, scheduling and discipline; Smart lists for disability management; Great Plains for Payroll and still EMS for employee records. Well, you get the picture now. You must have realized that there are issues with this approach.


HR Systems of Record: Re-Evaluating Their Importance In Digital Era

Organizations can spend weeks, even months evaluating and purchasing a HRIS. If this purchase is the first ever integrated HRIS for the organization, the process can take even longer as everyone is trying to make the best decision possible. And after the decision is made and contracts are signed, more time and money is invested to implement the system. Finally the go live date arrives and everyone is excited that now all the HR related system deficiencies will be solved.


How Can I Make Our IT Project Implementation Successful?

Any IT project undertaken by an organization should be considered as part of an overall strategic business vision for growth and improvement. Improvements to enterprise IT solutions can help streamline disconnected systems and make your business more efficient and successful.


3 Ways Enterprise IT Solutions Support Your “Triple Bottom Line”

In today’s business world, it’s not enough to just worry about your company’s profitability. Consumers, competitors, and legislative initiatives reward companies and brands that embrace corporate social responsibility strategies and environmental initiatives.


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