30 Reasons Organizations Switch to an Integrated HRIS solution

In this day and age, there are hardly any organizations that do not have an HR system in place. Maybe they are only using Excel and Access for performance, Word for policies, Manual for call-ins, scheduling and discipline; Smart lists for disability management; Great Plains for Payroll and still EMS for employee records. Well, you get the picture now. You must have realized that there are issues with this approach. That realization is the first thing that triggers organizations to start a looking for a better way of doing HR.

From our experience, organizations start looking for a new Integrated HR system based on one or combination of reasons from the following list.

30 Reasons that make organizations switch to an Integrated HR system

  1. Scheduling and Time reporting use several different software solutions which do not integrate with payroll
  2. There is duplication of files in Finance, HR and more due to the combination of external and locally developed solutions
  3. Administrative work takes up the focus of HR resources
  4. Costs go up due to errors from duplication
  5. The current system does not have the ability to share and update information across multiple service locations
  6. There are no Employee self-serve option which increases HR’s administrative tasks
  7. Lack of Employee self-service puts a strain on budgets due to increasing administrative costs
  8. Current system lacks security features
  9. Reporting capabilities are compromised and are not real time
  10. Information from current process is not reliable or accurate
  11. Performance management processes are either not present or separate from core HR
  12. Training and qualification tracking does not integrate with Core HR
  13. Health & Safety tracking is separate and needs to be included in employee records and reporting
  14. Grievance reporting mechanisms are lacking in current processes
  15. Seniority doesn’t get automatically updated in employee information
  16. Attendance and sick leave tracking hinders paying correctly and accruals management
  17. Recruitment management & benefits management use third party applications
  18. Future scalability is limited with current system that obstructs the ability to adapt for growth and change
  19. Human Resources & Payroll systems do not talk to each other
  20. Organizational Data to show hierarchy and chain of command is lacking
  21. No mechanism to define leave eligibility
  22. Lack of a General Ledger Interface
  23. Lack of a common “look and feel” across systems
  24. Lack of web-enablement to remotely access information
  25. Lack of automated routing of approvals causing loss in productivity when supervisors are unavailable
  26. Lack of flexibility to allow collective bargaining for unionized workforce
  27. Current systems are not user or mobile friendly
  28. Current system is not updated with the latest regulatory changes
  29. Lack of automation or workflow capabilities for business process alignment and standardization
  30. Lack of cross border HR solutions for multinational organizations

“Best in Class” HR software are ones that allow the streamlining of processes, reduce the total cost of administering HR functions, provide real time up to date information for decision making in a secure and reliable environment that allows for future scalability. Keep this in mind as you move through your HR software selection.

The StarGarden system is a fully integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution designed from the ground up to meet the needs of organizations with complexity, volume, or vision for growth. Talk to us today to find out more about our HRIS solution!

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