Are We Adopting Technology as Quickly as We Think We Are?

As the holiday season has just passed, I am sure we all saw a few commercials about the latest and greatest technology gadgets. There seems to be a new technology tool every day that is supposed to make our lives easier and our work more productive. And there is lots of evidence that the use of technology is changing our behaviours. Just recently, Macy’s announced it will be closing 68 stores


Geography And Not Generations Matter More for Employee Engagement

We have certainly read enough articles (and I have even written a couple) about millennials and how to engage them successfully in the workplace.


4 Reasons Why Millennials Quit – and How to Fix Them

Everyone knows today’s workplace is incredibly different than the former generation of corporate life. Far from retiring with the same company they went to work for decades earlier, the individuals entering the workforce now will likely have dozens of jobs over their lifetimes – possibly in radically different fields.


Strategic HR: Four 2015 Workplace Trends Not to Ignore

Companies have always had to keep in mind the importance and focus on their workforce, but with the workforce landscape changing so quickly, with younger workers rising to the top of the ladder, baby boomers retiring at an increased rate, and technology taking hold of the job search arena, HR professionals have a lot to manage today.


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