Checklist for Creating and Delivering an Internal HCM Training Program

With the implementation of your new HCM solution comes the need for a comprehensive training program to ensure that all users, and also the overall business, are able to get the most out of the new system. But don’t wait for your new HCM system to be implemented before you start planning ahead for the training program.


How To Onboard Your New Employees

You are now done with the task of hiring a new employee, what a sigh of relief! Their first day is going to start and you are wondering what the next step in the process is.


5 things to include in an effective employee training program

Before you begin training new employees, it’s essential to figure out exactly what that training will encompass. Trying to just let new hires “follow along” with a job position and pick up what they need to know is ineffective, frustrating for both the new employee and the employees tasked with babysitting, and a drain on your company’s resources.


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