What Makes HR Strategic Partners?

In its ideal state, every HR department has the potential to make an organization more effective by demonstrating leadership in helping it achieve its most significant goals, supporting growth, and saving money. Unfortunately, many HR departments are seen more as an operational cost centers, necessary but not strategic. One would wonder, why are some HR Teams able to position themselves as credible partners of the enterprise while others are seen as administrative functionaries?


How Can I Make Our IT Project Implementation Successful?

Any IT project undertaken by an organization should be considered as part of an overall strategic business vision for growth and improvement. Improvements to enterprise IT solutions can help streamline disconnected systems and make your business more efficient and successful.


What’s the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement?

If you live in a country that borders the Pacific Ocean, the Trans-Pacific Partnership may affect you, either personally or through its effects on your country’s economy and trade culture.


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