Buying a New HCM Solution? Don’t Forget the Road Test.

I recently shopped for a new vehicle and, after a lengthy evaluation process, I had shortlisted my choices down to three specific models. These final candidates made the cut based on my research, discussions with dealership sales people, and first-hand recommendations from owners of these same vehicles.


Is Your Organization Large Enough for an HCM Solution?

When businesses consider implementing an HCM solution, also known as a human resources information system (HRIS), the first thing they usually look at is how many employees they have. Although the number of employees is often used as the measurement to determine whether the organization is large enough for an HCM solution, that shouldn’t be the only consideration. Other factors should go into your evaluation to determine whether you will see a positive return on that investment (ROI), including considering the nature and complexity of your business, payroll operations, and regulatory obligations.


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