5 Hot Trends Driving HR Technology in 2014

According to Meghan M. Biro, HR is a particularly exciting area to work in these days thanks to these technology developments. “I work with organizations and leaders that are taking advantage of new tools and techniques to recruit, hire and retain talent,” she says.

Top 5 HR Technology Trends in 2014

Here are her top five:

  1. The world is your oyster (and your talent pool).
    All you need to tap into a global pool of qualified talent is to maintain a robust presence on networks that have worldwide reach and the best prospects for your organization. “Aggressively seek out talent sites and forums around the globe. Hire outside help if needed to accomplish this,” says Biro.
  2. Technology-technology-technology.
    Technology can make HR easier, faster and more effective, but Biro cautions, don’t let the sheer number of options overwhelm you when it comes to data mining, talent search, and hiring technologies that are out there. “Use the technology that works for you. Be wary of too many bells and whistles, and overly aggressive salespeople. Focus on what you want to accomplish and ignore the rest.”
  3. Real time talent analytics and big data management.
    When employee assessments happen only once or twice a year, opportunities for improvement, support, or even termination are too often missed. Biro explains, “Today, technology enables a continuous real-time assessment of performance. Employees can be made aware of their shortcomings and get to work on improving them, and people who are doing great work can get the kind of support and encouragement that will inspire and allow them to soar to new heights.”
  4. Mobile hone.
    Reach talent prospects where they are -- anytime. “Mobile-ize your search-and-employ efforts,” says Biro. “Make applying for a job possible while people are riding the subway, eating lunch, or listening to Lorde (or even doing all three at once).”
  5. Sweeten the deal
    Some things that help you recruit top talent are less about technology and more about creativity. To make up for cuts in benefits such as healthcare, savvy companies are offering quality-of-life solutions. By offering perks such as childcare, flex time, gyms and exercise classes, healthy food offerings, and game rooms, companies make employment with them attractive. “You want your people to feel cared for and cared about, morale stays high, and a healthy workforce performs at a much higher level,” says Biro.

Source: Forbes, Feb. 24/14, by Meghan M. Biro
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