Can AI Really Solve Your HR Problems?

Year-end is usually a time for reflection; and I couldn’t help notice how much AI and machine learning have been talked about as the biggest trends in HR Technology in 2017. As someone who regularly reads Bill Kutik’s commentary on HR technology trends, his post on the Major Memes of HR Tech resonated with me as it illustrates how some tech trends, like ESS,


How To Onboard Your New Employees

You are now done with the task of hiring a new employee, what a sigh of relief! Their first day is going to start and you are wondering what the next step in the process is.


What Makes HR Strategic Partners?

In its ideal state, every HR department has the potential to make an organization more effective by demonstrating leadership in helping it achieve its most significant goals, supporting growth, and saving money. Unfortunately, many HR departments are seen more as an operational cost centers, necessary but not strategic. One would wonder, why are some HR Teams able to position themselves as credible partners of the enterprise while others are seen as administrative functionaries?


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