Ensuring Organizational Information Security - HR’s New Role

In the past few years HR has increasingly become a strategic partner in organizations with proven contributions to the ROI of the organization. With more technological innovations, increased global competition, and the ever-changing business landscape, the challenges that face an organization continue to evolve. The noted investor Warren Buffet has warned that cyber security is the number one threat, not just to organizations, but to humanity in general [1].


The Best Business Process Management Infographic You Will Ever Read !

Everyone talks about business process management a lot but understanding it requires in-depth analysis and research.

From our 30+ years of experience in HR business process automation we have put together THE Best Business Process Management Infographic that you will ever read. Filled with concrete examples and a checklist of how to do it yourself, it is the only guide you will need to start implementing it in your organization.


What Makes HR Strategic Partners?

In its ideal state, every HR department has the potential to make an organization more effective by demonstrating leadership in helping it achieve its most significant goals, supporting growth, and saving money. Unfortunately, many HR departments are seen more as an operational cost centers, necessary but not strategic. One would wonder, why are some HR Teams able to position themselves as credible partners of the enterprise while others are seen as administrative functionaries?


How HCM Rules Can Help You Take a REAL Vacation

Think back to your last vacation. How many times did you check your email? Your voicemail? How many times did your coworkers reach out to you in desperation for information or access that only you had?


5 Creative Approaches for More Effective Training

If you’re hiring for the holidays, because your business is growing, or to replace departing employees, you know that hiring is just the first step. After you’ve found great additions to your team, you have to figure out what information you need to communicate to them to successfully integrate them into your company and community.


5 things to include in an effective employee training program

Before you begin training new employees, it’s essential to figure out exactly what that training will encompass. Trying to just let new hires “follow along” with a job position and pick up what they need to know is ineffective, frustrating for both the new employee and the employees tasked with babysitting, and a drain on your company’s resources.


Case Study: Integrated HCM Helps Small Tourism Company Hire

An integrated HCM, payroll, and scheduling software system can benefit companies of all sizes and industries. As an illustration, here’s one company that has streamlined their hiring process using integrated HCM workflows.


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