Case Study: Integrated HCM Helps Small Tourism Company Hire

An integrated HCM, payroll, and scheduling software system can benefit companies of all sizes and industries. As an illustration, here’s one company that has streamlined their hiring process using integrated HCM workflows.

Company profile

Tourismo is a company of 12-15 employees (this number various seasonally) that introduces tourists via bus to the trendy food and beverage scene of a city of about 400,000 people. Workflows help Tourismo manage every step of the hiring process when Tourismo wants to hire tour guides, which happens every year in early spring.

HCM in the hiring process

  • Tourismo’s integrated system keeps the latest job postings and information on past hiring efforts conveniently accessible, so there’s no need to write a new ad every time or spend hours searching for what they published last time they hired.
  • Tourismo tour guides must meet certain criteria before they can be considered for hire. They must be over the legal drinking age, have a clean driving record, have a driver’s license, meet the criteria to obtain an enhanced driver’s license for a small commercial vehicle, and have or be able to obtain a state liquor serving permit. Applicants to the position apply through an online system that requires they upload a cover letter, resume, and answers to supplemental questions about the position, and affirm that they meet each of these criteria. Unqualified applicants are declined in this initial process.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Tour Guide Manager in the online system to determine whether they seem like they have good potential. The Tour Guide Manager flags promising candidates’ materials for further review by the company President, who then reviews them online at her convenience. Candidates who do not make this initial review receive an automated, personalized declination letter.
  • A scheduling module is set up and sent to candidates who are being offered interviews. Candidates choose their preferred time; already-selected timeslots are listed as “unavailable.” Interviewers can see at a glance what the upcoming interview schedule will be, and each candidate’s materials are linked to his or her calendar entry.
  • During the interview process, interviewers enter feedback into an interview workflow module immediately after completion of each meeting. When interviews are completed, the Hiring Manager downloads a report summarizing the candidates in preparation for meeting with the hiring committee.
  • Once Tourismo decides to extend offers, it incorporates those communications into the integrated personnel management system. When candidates accept, they are linked to onboarding modules that facilitate the hiring process (filling out tax forms, gathering personnel information, etc.) as well as prompted to upload their required certifications or begin the licensing processes.

An integrated HCM system incorporating workflows can streamline the hiring process for companies of all sizes, reducing the headaches and confusion that usually accompany hiring and onboarding employees. And, once candidates are hired, an integrated system makes it easy to keep all information together and complete for each employee – from initial hiring documents to ongoing payroll and review materials.

StarGarden can help you build the workflow solutions you need in an integrated HR and payroll software system. Download our complimentary eBook for more tips on streamlining the hiring process, and contact us today if you’d like more information on how an integrated HCM system can help your business thrive!

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