Take the Pain Out of Payroll

A large energy company suffered a loss of $24 million by accidentally buying too much U.S. power transmission contracts at higher prices. The mistake was due to a cut-and-paste error in an Excel spreadsheet.

Are you still using spreadsheets to manage payroll?

Effectively Managing Payroll

Payroll doesn’t have to be hard. But for those who are still mired in spreadsheets, the task of payroll becomes excruciatingly painful. And mistakes can be costly.

A few weeks ago, we told the story of Payroll Polly whose job was miserable because of wasted time, inefficient, antiquated processes, manual reporting and the headache of dealing with frustrated coworkers.

Today we share the story of Payroll Patty whose job is a joy because she uses one unified system which Screen_Shot_2014-10-09_at_6.01.01_PMstreamlines processes through simple, customized workflows and automated reports.

Meet Patty. Patty is a Payroll Clerk at a technology company in San Francisco.

Patty no longer uses spreadsheets or has to wade through hundreds of emails to get the information she needs to do her job. She uses one online system to process payroll, deductions and benefits. She follows a simple, customized workflow that she set up with her team that accounts for complexities in geography, currency, and payroll frequencies.

Processes are streamlined, saving Patty precious time to free her up to work on more strategic initiatives. With the time saved, Patty can now help her manager run reports for senior management. The reporting process in the online system is simple and makes compliance with government requirements a breeze.

StarGarden’s solution unifies your HR and payroll needs into one place, automates tedious tasks and streamlines processes for all involved. It provides customized workflows and accurate data for strategic planning, budgeting, talent management, performance evaluation and more. 


  • Is your staff wasting time wading through spreadsheets?
  • Are your employees suffering from inefficient processes or antiquated systems?
  • Do you have access to the data you need to make important decisions?
  • Are you getting the most out of your HR system?

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