24 Security Questions That Every HRIS Buyer should ask

Security is on everyone’s mind today. No longer is security an IT responsibility alone. All areas of the organization need to be cognizant of security threats. HR can play an important role in securing data by educating employees about their vulnerabilities but also by making sure that whatever software tools HR uses are secure.


6 Employee Habits That Impact Organization’s Data Security

When you think of security or data breaches, the picture that comes to mind is that of a hacker. Someone who either creates a denial of service attack to lock you out of your system, or gets hold of your passwords and accesses privileged and confidential information. But the reality is only 8 % of data breaches are due to hackers


All for One, One for All ! Benefits of Integrated HR & Payroll Systems

After reviewing your current HR and payroll systems, are you thinking about implementing an integrated scheduling and payroll system, but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the time and money? An integrated system offers several significant benefits, especially if you have a cross-border workforce.


Should HR be Responsible for Employee Accountability?

Wells Fargo was in the news recently due to an internal process and security breach. 5300 employees were fired for opening 1.5 million fake bank accounts which inflated their sales numbers and therefore their commissions.


Payroll: In-House or Outsourced? How to Make an Informed Decision

Automated payroll processing solutions are available from many vendors in today’s market and encompass several types of delivery methods. These vendor-delivered payroll solutions are designed to automate processing, reducing administration and paper-based processing.


5 More HR Resolutions: Keep Your Job Relevant

1. Resolve to Understand Cloud Technology

Whether or not 2016 is the year that your company moves its data and programs to the cloud, it’s important that you understand what your options are, and how they work. For example, if you’re replacing an outdated version of a word processing program,


End of the Year HR Goal: Improve Employee Engagement

The end of the year can be a hectic swarm of paperwork, reporting, reviews, healthcare renewals, licensing, and other HR nightmares. Even worse, January is just around the corner. Do you dread the number of resignation letters that crawl across your desk as the new year begins? Combatting this yearly phenomenon requires you to make a commitment to employee engagement: making your workplace one where employees feel valued, challenged, and committed to their jobs.


5 HR Tips for Office Halloween Parties

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, chances are your office is gearing up for Halloween. (If you’re in Australia, which famously doesn’t celebrate the holiday,


5 things to include in an effective employee training program

Before you begin training new employees, it’s essential to figure out exactly what that training will encompass. Trying to just let new hires “follow along” with a job position and pick up what they need to know is ineffective, frustrating for both the new employee and the employees tasked with babysitting, and a drain on your company’s resources.


The Hard Part of Hiring: Rejection Letters

If you’re in a desirable industry or tight job market, you may find that you are swamped with applicants for any position you open for hiring. In addition to figuring out who will be the most successful candidate, and extending an offer, you will also need to communicate with many ultimately unsuccessful candidates. How you reject these applicants can be an opportunity to enhance your company’s goodwill and reputation.



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