Life in the Cloud

Five ways that a Cloud-based Human Capital Management software program could alter your HR department forever

As a human resources professional, you likely wear many hats. From managing payroll, attendance and performance evaluations, to hiring, managing talent and developing corporate culture, you may find yourself stretched pretty thin. And if you are using antiquated Human Capital Management (HCM) software (or even finding yourself duplicating work using several unrelated systems) you might feel like you are on a constant treadmill trying to get it all done. Does that sound familiar?

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Obviously updating your HCM software to a single, integrated system will reduce the time you spend on manual operations and free you up to focus on the bigger picture of your job. But how do you get your company to upgrade?

There are many reasons that companies are using out-of-date HCM software. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Cost of purchasing new software
  • The time and frustration involved in upgrading every three to five years as industries change and programs evolve.
  • Concerns that software purchased today won’t scale with the growth of your company.
  • The time and expense of user training.
  • Consistency of software between offices.

When it comes time to select new software, of course you want to choose a robust suite of products that will allow you to perform all the functions of your HR department. However, where you install your software may be even more crucial for addressing the above issues than the software you select.

Cloud Based Computing

Software that is deployed in the Cloud has some major benefits.

  • Significantly reduce downtime for software deployment.

Downtime is minimal at time of deployment, and on the cloud, your system is updated as improvements are made with upgrades often invisible to the user.

  • Don’t waste days or weeks on user training.

User training is minimized: employees learn new features as they are implemented rather than learning a whole new system at once. And you will likely need fewer employees performing the same job function. Duplication of effort is reduced.

  • Let your company grow.

Cloud-based software can grow with you. There is no need to install the program on individual workstations, and new offices have access to the same system, so there is no need to inhibit growth out of fear that you won’t be able to manage it.

  • Give power to the people.

Employees can access personnel records from anywhere that they have internet service. This reduces the hours of time spent each month supporting employees in finding information they need.

StarGarden offers both cloud-based and on premise solutions. While cloud-based computing has some major benefits, it is important to address all of your company’s needs. Contact us to speak to one of our experts today.