Payroll for Heavy Industry: Let Your Software Do All The Work

If you are an HR and/or Payroll professional in heavy industry, you know all too well the unique challenges that come with managing a blended workforce of part time, full time, and contract employees, not to mention some of the jurisdictional challenges associated with cross-border sites.

With changing workforce demands, tighter budgets and looming customer deadlines that do not budge for much these days, being able to manage your labor costs is critical to your organizations success and future.

The Power of Data

Labor costs are often one of the largest line items on an organization’s yearly budget, and yet many organizations struggle to reconcile actual labor costs with their budgeted costs. When your management team comes to you asking for a detailed analysis, are you able to pull the data you need? Does it require a large amount of research and “massaging” to fit the reporting requirements asked of you?

Another challenge to organizations in heavy industry is managing a cross-border workforce. How many times do you find yourself dealing with jurisdictional headaches caused by your current system’s inability to input different jurisdictional rules and labor regulations? It has to be mind-boggling to manage cross-border workforce redeployments without a system that supports it.

There is a better way. Consider StarGarden’s Industrial Strength Integrated Scheduling and Payroll System.Here are a few features and benefits:

Here are a few features and benefits:

Bottom Line: With these features and more, you will be empowered by your system vs. limited by its inefficiencies and able to contribute to your organization’s strategic goals and initiatives.

Aren’t implementations time-consuming and costly?

In some cases, organizations are able to augment their current systems with a new HR/Payroll solution, though sometimes a total replacement is recommended. StarGarden’s solutions are often able to overlay your existing systems, allowing for better workflows and information processing. Many times the cost of an implementation can be minimal, compared to the costliness of inflated labor costs, payroll errors and time spent correcting the problems caused by incorrect data and inefficient systems.

Visit our heavy industry page and download our free case study to learn more. And as always, contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help.