The Challenges of HR Departments in Finding the Right HR Solution

One of the biggest challenges that HR departments in organizations face, is meeting their objectives with limited resources. In particular, it can be difficult to keep up with ongoing trends in HR and the tools with which to accomplish tasks and strategic goals. There are a number of software companies out there that supply tools to help HR departments and it can be difficult to figure out which tools are a best fit and which companies provide the best service and support. And one size does not fit all. In some cases, a smaller HR software provider can provide better software solutions and service even for larger organizations.

Challenges of HR Professionals

Need to find solution that fits their specific needs:

HR professionals, regardless of the size of the organization that they work for, have considerable latitude and flexibility due to the unique situations they frequently encounter. This reality allows HR professionals to implement ideas that otherwise may face restrictions in other areas of the organization. As a result, HR professionals need an HR solution that meets their specific industry needs to enable success.

One must, therefore, first identify the particular needs of the company before examining which HR software vendors can meet those requirements. While all HR software vendors claim that they can meet a variety of needs, a careful examination shows that they specialize in certain industries or solve particular problems. Recognition of this fact early on can save you considerable costs, and headaches, in the implementation phase.

Lack of resources with changing HR skillsets needed in today’s world:

One of the problems that HR professionals will face in implementing their ideas is a lack of resources. While there is an increased recognition that HR needs adequate support amongst business professionals, they are frequently one of the areas that are forced to do more with less. While other functions in an organization can frequently call upon individuals in other departments to make up shortfalls in staffing due to interchangeable skills, HR requires a specialized knowledge that is difficult to acquire and they deal with sensitive and private information which limits their ability to call in help from other areas of the organization. HR needs a responsive HR software vendor to help when called upon.

Issues to Think of before Acquiring HR Software for Your Organization

For HR professionals, therefore, there are two critical issues that they must think of when acquiring HR software. The first is whether the software can be tailored to meet their specific needs. Each industry is different, and companies with a one-sized fits all software is unlikely to meet your needs. One needs to simply look at the Canadian government’s decision to fulfill its software needs with the Phoenix program to see some of the potential issues and pitfalls.

The second consideration is how responsive a HR software vendor will be when an issue arises. While larger HR companies may have more resources than smaller ones, they also have larger clients that they will naturally prioritize over smaller customers. In many instances, large companies simply are not suited to the unique needs of midsized businesses or organizations.

Your HR software for your organization needs to be as progressive and responsive as your ideas and it needs to be backed with timely support to ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed.


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