The Challenges of HR Departments in Finding the Right HR Solution

One of the biggest challenges that HR departments in organizations face, is meeting their objectives with limited resources. In particular, it can be difficult to keep up with ongoing trends in HR and the tools with which to accomplish tasks and strategic goals. There are a number of software companies out there that supply tools to help HR departments and it can be difficult to figure out which tools are a best fit and which companies provide the best service and support.


Conquering HR Analytics in A Technology Driven World

To say technology has been changing rapidly is an understatement. A few years back, big data was all the talk and now it has become an assumption that it is being utilized in some capacity in all organizations. Currently, there is lots of talk (and concern) about Machine learning and AI and what it means for employment. In HR however, data and analytics is still in its infancy in many organizations.


3 Key HRIS Software Trends To Keep In Mind For Strategic Planning

“Tell us about the future of HRIS software”

This is definitely something on the mind of most of the prospective customers looking for a new HR system. Many HR professionals are currently over-burdened and struggle with manual processes that result from the use of older, fragmented systems.


Top 5 Articles on the Benefits of Integrated HR and Payroll Systems

The HRMS industry is going through a lot of innovation and change. From on premise software to cloud based solutions and now mobile first systematic strategies; each era of HRIS systems has had its own pros and cons. While traditional on-premise systems forced people to be chained to their desks, with increasing technological advancements, on-demand solutions are now a reality giving rise to an exponential increase in the number of apps in the HR domain.


Getting the HRIS Strategy Right

Most of us are under the impression that those that work in HR are all about people, they are the ones whose job it is to care for others in the workplace. But as people focused as HR is, HR cannot successfully do their job without solid systems in place.


Selecting an HCM Solution That Supports Your Organizational Structure

One of the key requirements identified for your organization’s new HCM solution may be the capability to manage the various reporting structures and hierarchy among your company’s organizational and business units.

Checklist of HCM requirements for accommodating your organizational structure


Preparing for the Implementation of a New Payroll/HRIS System

After having worked with many clients on the implementation of StarGarden I have observed one common theme over and over again. No matter the type of industry or the size of the organization, many clients were just not prepared for a full scale Payroll/HRIS implementation. I thought that it might be helpful to provide some tips on getting ready for your implementation:


5 More HR Resolutions: Keep Your Job Relevant

1. Resolve to Understand Cloud Technology

Whether or not 2016 is the year that your company moves its data and programs to the cloud, it’s important that you understand what your options are, and how they work. For example, if you’re replacing an outdated version of a word processing program,


Case Study: Integrated HCM Helps Small Tourism Company Hire

An integrated HCM, payroll, and scheduling software system can benefit companies of all sizes and industries. As an illustration, here’s one company that has streamlined their hiring process using integrated HCM workflows.


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