Top 4 best security practices for cloud-based payroll software

Cloud-based payroll software is safer and more secure than ever. Cloud based technology users can do their part to ensure that their data is as secure as possible. Implementing and following a few basic company-wide “security best practices” for all employee users can protect your sensitive financial data even further.

Top 4 best security practices for cloud-based payroll software

1. Require employees to have strong passwords. Also, help them understand what makes a good password. When employees are given login credentials to the cloud HR system, you must ensure each employee understands how to craft a strong password that won’t be “guessed” or figured out by unauthorized users. You might require that employee passwords be longer than seven digits, and include numbers, letters and/or special characters; you might also provide them examples of some of the worst passwords to avoid.

2. Train employees on proper password storage. Although it sounds like common sense, you should also instruct your employees on the best way to store these passwords (including telling them that passwords should not be written down in plain sight or on a sticky-note attached to their screen). Instead, they should be stored securely, whether in a password management application (like these) or committed to memory.

3. Teach employees to spot suspicious email or Web activity. Train employees to spot phishing emails – fraudulent emails designed to look like emails sent from trusted companies. Make clear that they should NEVER enter their payroll credentials into a form or website they receive linked in an email – they should always go directly to the payroll site itself in a browser. Once they are at the site, they should check the address in their Web browser to verify that they’re logging into the legitimate payroll website for their company.

4. Implement two-factor authentication. This security measure requires users to submit a secondary form of identity verification after inputting their login information in the system. They may receive a text message on their mobile device, be sent an email or otherwise be required to generate a unique PIN that must be entered to gain access. Many companies use this method as a one-time heightened security for users to authenticate new devices. Since it’s impossible to log into the software without possessing the user’s device or having access to their phone or email, it’s very difficult to gain unauthorized access.

These four simple, inexpensive security practices can help make your cloud-based payroll systems even more secure.

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