Cloud HCM & Payroll Systems -- as Mobile as You Are!


Fifty years ago, you went to work, looked at a posted schedule, punched a card into a time clock system, turned your card into payroll at the end of the pay period and collected a paycheck in hand a few days later. Fifteen years ago, you checked your schedule online, went to work, clocked in on your company’s main computer time clock software, checked a separate computer system for your payroll data, and had your paycheck deposited into your bank account. That’s pretty good progress – but what if you could do all those things from your smartphone?

Mobile access from anywhere

Many people already have a computer and smartphone that they are comfortable and familiar with using. Wouldn’t it be great if they could access their schedules, clock in and out, receive payroll notifications and see their deposit hit their bank account in real time – on the devices they already have? Integrated payroll and HR software makes that possible! 

One of the exciting benefits of an integrated HCM & payroll system is that employees can access everything they stock-624712_1280need in one place – from their own devices. This is convenient for them and saves your business money: You don’t have to maintain dedicated systems for timeclock, scheduling and payroll functions, and your employees waste less time interacting with those systems. Your employees gain the ability to take care of all their work-related concerns on their chosen mobile device, at their convenience and privacy.

Cloud-based payroll and HCM systems enable your employees to do all these things from the convenience of their own devices:

Check and update schedules in real-time.

You can design HCM workflows to your unique needs, allowing managers to update schedules and notify employees, employees to submit requests off, everyone to check availability of other employees for shift trades, and more from wherever they are, using their own devices. Managing schedules and entering time, figuring out how to manage complex scheduling requirements, and approving timesheet data has never been easier than with our customized workflows and cloud-based technology. 

Ensure that scheduling and payroll are compliant.

Whether your business has issues with compliance with union contracts/collective bargaining agreements, private labor contracts, or other regulatory payroll issues, we can build HCM workflows in an integrated payroll and scheduling system to make scheduling the workforce and managing payroll a snap. Changes can be made in real-time that are automatically compliant -- just as easily from the field as from the office.

Make payroll simpler and more accurate.

Enabling and allowing employees to clock in and out on their personal devices ensures that you get real-time, location-based payroll data. Reviewing timesheet data, compiling reports, accurately calculating payroll, and wirelessly sending payroll directly to your employees’ accounts is easy and fast – with fewer mistakes and reduced overhead expense.

A cloud-based payroll and HCM system can be securely accessed from any device, wherever there is Internet connectivity. Data is stored and backed up in the cloud, which makes it more organized, safer, and easier to access than traditional HR and payroll systems.

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