3 Ways to Improve Efficiency in Payroll and HR with Workflows

Most of us probably know that the more defined a process is, the smoother things can go. This applies even to the simplest things, like your morning routine at home, i.e. wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. When things get out of whack in the process, that can make things a little challenging. I.e. if you get up and get dressed and THEN take a shower, it’s probably not going to be a great day. The same thing applies to any and all business processes; do something out of order, or send something to the wrong person and things can get challenging.

Today’s HR and Payroll software suites have lots of capabilities to help mitigate those challenges, most utilizing an automated workflow technology. Not all automated workflows are created equal, however. If it is not designed and implemented well, you may find breakdowns in your workflow systems that force you to manually bridge unwanted gaps creating extra work and headaches.

A well-designed automated workflow brings your HR and payroll processes to life and allows tasks to flow to the correct people within your organization at the correct time, with all of the necessary tools to process the task along the way.

Top 3 Benefits of HR Workflow Automation

  • Reduce errors and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks – ensure that the right tasks and processes are managed by the correct person.
  • Increase efficiency in completing tasks – when the right processes are in place, everyone is clear about what is expected of them and what they are held accountable for. Tasks are routed to the proper employee for completion, and managers are notified if actions are missed. This gives managers an opportunity to look at the overall workflow process and see what’s happening at the macro level and reduces the need for status update requests.
  • Improve internal communication – when creating workflows, there is a lot of opportunity to discuss all facets of the process and how it impacts each contributing employee, manager, etc. Once the workflows are set up, the clarity it provides allows for better understanding of the aspect of business the process pertains to, and the individual contribution everyone is making to it.

Introducing: Foundation, StarGarden’s workflow automation solution

Foundation can be used on our integrated HR/Payroll system or extended to other databases within your organization (e.g. your finance application, inventory system, or room booking system). This allows for an easier deployment and less disruption of your business functions.

At StarGarden we understand that everyone's processes are different. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to carefully plan and develop workflow solutions, taking into account all your specific rules and requirements.

To learn more about Foundation, click here and check out our case study on how Foundation helped a hospital HR department save over $100,000 a year on one process alone! And as always, contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help.