Timesheets, Taxes and Other Things that go Bump in the Night


Take the terror out of payroll by ditching your antiquated payroll system. 

As the person responsible for payroll, you know there are many things that can go awry in the payroll calculating process. If you are using an outdated payroll system to calculate timesheets, taxes and wages and issue paychecks and W2s, you know that the margin for error is high.

Mistakes made in payroll can be scary and have both short and long term consequences that can drastically impact your company.

Today there are automated payroll systems that can manage complex pay and benefit issues for you.

The Benefits of Using an Automated Payroll System

Save Time

We’ve all experienced the payroll headaches of time wasted from data entry mistakes; entering data twice or correcting mistakes on paychecks from simple miscalculations. The time it takes to master your payroll tax rules, calculate paid time off for each employee, deal with deductions for benefits, etc can dominate your entire work week, leaving you little time to deal with other aspects of your job. An automated system can:

  1. Streamline the process of collecting, reviewing, and approving timesheet data.
  2. Calculate payroll taxes and other deductions automatically: You put in the rules and the system does the calculations.
  3. Simplify employee record setup for complex or changing payroll situations.
  4. Eliminate time spent finding and correcting mistakes.

Save Money

Any time you save your company time, you are also saving money. But there are other ways that you save money with an automated payroll system. An automated system can:

  1. Help you avoid mistakes that lead to employees being overpaid: Employees may not notice or may not report overpayment.
  2. Help control overtime costs by alerting you when employees are approaching overtime.
  3. Help you track where your labor costs are occurring.
  4. Provide you with the systems you need to track and manage absenteeism.
  5. Provide you with systems to track, monitor and accrue sick and vacation hours.


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Avoid Tax Penalties

A simple error can throw off your tax deposits. If you make an error in calculating taxes, you may incur penalties or fines. If one individual is in charge of the payroll system, anything that goes wrong is their responsibility, meaning they will have to deal with the consequences. An automated system can:

  1. Produce government reports and other tax statements with little additional administrative cost or trouble.
  2. Submit reports electronically or in printed form.

Work with Happy People

If you want a happy work force, you cannot mess with people’s money. Problems with a paycheck can wreak havoc on an employee’s budgeting for the month. Being over or underpaid and too early or too late is not only extremely frustrating, but can lead to bills not being paid on time and payments being missed. An automated system can:

  1. Automatically generate accurate paychecks.
  2. Provide quick answers to employee questions on personal, financial, or pay check information.
  3. Provide secure, flexible direct deposit without increasing your overhead costs.

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